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Friday, 26 July 2013

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Get Pregnant

Get Pregnant
Have you been trying to get pregnant. Then there are certain things you should know .In the monthly cycle of a woman, there are only a few days in which she can get  pregnant. These few days are called her baby days or get pregnant days. 
A woman can learn to recognize her baby days; she just needs to notice what her body is doing each day of her month cycle. If it is difficult for a woman to get pregnant, she should learn how to recognize her baby days. There are a few things she must  understand. Every woman knows that she has a few bleeding days, each month, but if a woman pays attention to everything her body is doing she will also notice each month she has a few days when the tips covering her vagina feel wet and slippery. In fact she will discover that, each month. She has a few wet and slippery days and about two weeks later she would have bleeding days.
Yes. A woman’s body produces two fluids , one is blood and the other is mucus. Mucus is a colorless fluid, nearly like the white of an egg. The amount of mucus is very small , it is just enough to make the vagina lips feel wet. 
On days when her body is producing mucus a woman may not be able to see it (since there is so little of it).But she will notice that as she sits and as she walks her vagina feel very wet. The wet feeling  is not inside the vagina ,but on the lips outside the vagina, the inside of the vagina is always wet (just like the inside of the mouth is always wet). But the lips that cover the vagina feel dry on certain days and wet on others when those vagina lips feel wet. The woman knows that her body is making mucus.
As a woman if you carefully notice what your body is doing, you will find out that
1. Your monthly cycle begins  with about 3- 5 bleeding days.
2. After that your vagina lips begin feeling dry, the dry feeling usually continues for several days.
3. Then your vagina lips begin feeling wet, this tells you that your mucus days have begun. Your body continues producing mucus for a few days.
4. After those few mucus days,  your vagina lips begin feeling dry again , the dry feeling continues for about two weeks.
5. Then your next bleeding days begin.

The important point is this, a woman can easily get  pregnant on her mucus days. In fact the purpose of mucus is to make an easy path for the sperm to enter the uterus.

The woman who wants to get pregnant and her husband should know which days to have sex in order to produce a baby.
 A woman baby days are
A. All of your mucus days plus
B. The three days following your last mucus day.
The best day for you to recognize your baby days is this, each day you notice how your vagina lips feel that day, then  in the evening, you write it down  such as- dry or mucus on a chart.(Each woman chart will be different)
Remember that a woman’s baby days are all of her mucus days plus 3 days following her last day. A woman can become pregnant on any of her baby days but some baby days are better than others. The two best days for becoming pregnant are
I. The last day of mucus and 
II. The following  day.
Go through your chart and follow it to know your days. It doesn’t matter whether your cycle is 27 days, 30 days or 20 days. Your two best days is the last mucus day and the following day.

In some cases but not accurately the  day in the cycle might actually determine  the sex of the baby.

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