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Monday, 22 July 2013

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The Gay Father

The Gay Father.
gay father, eric meyers ,16 yearsAnne couldn't believe her eyes. Is that Eric?. It can’t be possible. Eric Meyers had been missing for 16 years and has been legally pronounced dead. He had gone for a Conference in San Diego and had checked out of the hotel on the first day of the conference, that was 16 years ago. Eric Meyers had a wife, Anne and five kids. Two girls Kristen and Erin and three boys adopted from Vietnam.  The family had prayed and hoped that he would return or that his lifeless body would at least be found, but it never happened. They then filed for the life insurance money and were paid $800,000 which was kept in trust for only the two girls. I guess they figured out the boys can go back to Vietnam. Eric Meyers reappeared after 16 years with a husband in tow, stating that all those years , he was living a lie and was actually a gay father.
The most interesting issue here is that Eric and Anne were High school sweethearts and had gone to the altar right out of high school. This further proves what we already know that high school love is  doomed and marriage out of high school is the biggest mistake you can ever make. They were fervent Christians, the ole traditional ones who  didn't believe a woman was meant for college, at least that is what Eric thought. Anne would hear nothing of that, as her mind was made up to go to college.
 Okay now, we have to tell you ladies, that any man that prevents you from doing things like going to college or taking up a job might not be a gay father but he is an asshole, and such husband needs to hit the road.
Eric complained of being in a dead beat marriage to friends and not being able to talk his wife , Anne out of going to college and worst still, divorce was not an option, because they were devout Christians.
So Eric Meyer decided to hit the road to San Diego and take his heart along with him, in search for what he always wanted, penises. He soon chased it down to Mexico, the warm sandy beaches of Cabo all the way back to palm Springs in California. In retrospect, this was God’s way of saving the butt holes of the three Vietnamese boys according to a random guy.
Anne was devastated but, eventually went to college and remarried. Kristen however, received the short end of the stick as she resorted to alcohol to help her get through each day, she only recently quit to comfort her mother.


One fateful day, friends of Eric Meyer received a cryptic message in their inbox, asking ” would you be curious in knowing what happened to Eric Meyers?”. That was it, Eric Meyers was back but now as a full blown homosexual with a husband in tow and went to see his mother , who immediately forgave him, because mothers are forgiving machines. His friends too, welcomed him back but his family would not agree to see him.
gay father, eric meyers
He is the one in a white hoodie.
Now the insurance company is suing for not only the $800,000, but also for the interests it has generated. The missing persons unit are livid that this occurrence would slow down the zeal and enthusiasm of searching for missing men without a trace.
The family had done nothing wrong but they have been hurt emotionally upon losing  a father and husband and now they have been hurt yet again but this time, emotionally and financially by their gay father.
The right thing to do here is for the deadbeat gay father to pay the child support for those kids to their mother , and since there was never a divorce, Anne should sue him for going against the marriage oath but she would still have to pay back the insurance company because the man is not dead. The worst thing that can happen to a woman is not that she marries a gay man but that he ran away and appears 16 years later because according to him to live in disguise is a horrible thing. You can check Eric Meyers gay life on and you would find his email there, where you can tell him whatever you want to.