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Monday, 12 August 2013

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Beauty: Whiten your Teeth.

Beauty-Whiten your teeth.

beauty, whiten your teeth, teeth whitening productsA white teeth smile is always a charmer,  it can go a long way in getting you what you want. People tend to think that if a person especially a guy can pay so much attention to his teeth, then he would pay his partner the much needed attention. Problem is the only time teeth are naturally white is when they are milk teeth and they soon fall off like dominoes and then the permanent teeth come up, and this ones get stained like  white silk cloth. The teeth become more yellow or opaque and generally have a darker hue, usually after 20. Whitening your teeth then becomes a necessity. No matter how clean you are and even if your breath smells like lavender, brown teeth is always regarded as dirty, unkempt, unhygienic, gross and repulsive.  In the world of Beauty and all things beautiful, there are several ways  that you can use to whiten your teeth , each differing in cost, time taken to see changes and how long changes last. Starting with the low budget method in which you can whiten your teeth.

1. Become a teeth awareness freak: 

beauty, whiten your teeth, teeth whitening products
Brush out those greasy stains now
If you want to whiten your teeth cheaply, taking up a teeth awareness lifestyle would get you there. This involves brushing first thing when you wake up and last thing before you sleep, and then after every meal within the day. You would have to change your brush every 2 months and use hard to extra(smoker’s hard) toothbrush. You can also take it up a notch by using a straw every time you want to take a liquid such as wine, tea, cola, sport drinks and sauces to avoid them coming in contact with your teeth. Using the right toothpaste that aids the whiten of teeth is also noteworthy here. Toothpastes are meant to whiten your teeth, give you fresh breath( if you use them on your tongue), prevent tooth decay and diseases, give you stronger teeth( you are better off taking calcium for this) and protect you against enamel erosion, gum problems and cavities among other things. Some however have areas in which they beat out the others, Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste for example, has advanced whitening as it’s major goal. If you are in America, you should look for toothpastes with  American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Approval. Toothpastes with ingredients such as blue covarine or modified silicone abrasives  should be favoured above others to  whiten your teeth. Using an Ultrasonic Toothbrush would also speed up the teeth whitening process. All these costs under 10 bucks and within a month you should see changes and changes last as long as you live the lifestyle. Even though you would be a freak, you would be a whitened teeth freak.


2. Using Natural Materials:

This involves using natural materials for teeth whitening. You can whiten your teeth by scrubbing them vigorously twice a day with either banana peels, orange peels ,lemon peels or mashed strawberries. The best is banana peels. Scrub the inner white part against your teeth and then brush afterwards. Same with orange, lemon or strawberries.  Olive oils  can also be used to scrub the teeth with a cloth after brushing.
beauty, whiten your teeth, teeth whitening products
Who knew that the high maintenance chic in class
did this crap.
Another natural way of teeth whitening is by the use of chew sticks or chewing sticks made to be chewed a long time(30mins) and used to brush the teeth. These Tea Tree Original Chewing Sticks still very much popular in Africa used in a combination of vertical and horizontal strokes  on tooth surfaces removes plaque. The sticks have been praised much more for their antimicrobial properties and effects. The sticks are twigs made from stems of trees such as cinnamon, dog wood, Neem and tea tree. While results vary greatly, there should be a very noticeable difference between 2- 4 weeks of continuous daily use.

beauty, whiten your teeth, teeth whitening products
There is a reason why rural Africans have
white teeth

3. Using Chemicals:

The most commonly used chemicals for teeth whitening is a combination of Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide After brushing your teeth everyday, damp your brush and put baking soda  and a little hydrogen peroxide  to make a paste on it, then re brush your teeth with the little paste. The hydrogen peroxide can be bought over the counter in a chemist.Apple Cidar Vinegar or any type of vinegar would help whiten the teeth, dripping  a cloth in vinegar and scrubbing the teeth would do the trick , you can also mix apple cider vinegar with your toothpaste.

4. Using Teeth whitening materials such as strips, trays, pens:

When using Teeth Whitening Trays you should use protective gloves, heat water to about 710C, then put in the whitening trays in the water for about 5 seconds. Put the tray in your mouth , closing  your lips tightly. Press tongue against the roof of the mouth and the back of the teeth. With a strong sucking action, suck out all the air and water, tightening lips against the front side of the teeth for at least 5 seconds.  After this open your mouth and press the whitening tray against the inside and outside of the teeth. After this , tray should be removed and rinsed with cold water. Trim the tray to the shape of the teeth. After brushing your teeth and loading the icing in the tray, place tray on teeth and leave for  not more than 90 minutes , after which tray should be washed and mouth brushed. Results can be seen within 2 hours.
Whitening Pens 3PK and Teeth Whitening Strips also work in much the same way as the tray to whiten  your teeth but results show in about  7 days and all this materials are quite affordable.
beauty, whiten your teeth, teeth whitening products

5. Teeth bleaching: 

beauty, whiten your teeth, teeth whitening products
You can whiten your teeth using personal Teeth Bleaching Kit . A DIY approach.Get the kit
and follow the instructions.

6. Dentist Magic.: 

 A visit to the dentist would give a quicker and longer lasting result to whiten your teeth. The only downfall of this is that most times the results are over the top, your smile immediately looks unnatural and fake from a mile away. Your teeth should not be  several shades whiter than the eyeballs. There should be a blend. At the dentist’s office, you would be able to bleach your teeth professionally using peroxide or better still do laser whitening.
beauty, whiten your teeth, teeth whitening products
If you don't go for anything, go for the gas!

If you think that you are going to have sparkly white teeth and continue smoking those cheap carcinogenic cigarette sticks and downing 100 cups of coffee per day. You are building your castles in the air.

 And finally everything in life has a little risk attached to it,this is as sure as a non-smiling smoking man.But most of these procedures have very little risk attached. Hurting yourself being the most common and these days you don't have to bleach your teeth to hurt yourself, you can simply step out of the shower still drenched on a marble floor. Now whiten your teeth!