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Setting up a home gym with $1000 advantages of having home gym equipment is simply numerous. Most gyms are not located close to residential areas and most times, people have to waste time traveling to their gyms , only to get there and wait for guys trying to show off while using the gym equipment wrongly before they are able to use the equipment. In some cases, if you are not working out at a very expensive gym, you are likely to meet every tom, dick and harry in the gym, trying to workout or just be seen in a gym.
Personal home Gymnasium has seen a steady increase with reporting about 25.4 million in the us, participating in some form of home gym activity.
Setting up a home gym would eliminate travel costs, subscription costs and of course all inconveniences associated with using a public gym
Another very important advantage of setting up a home gym is that gym equipment mostly last forever except you buy a fake, while a gym membership lasts for only the amount of time , it’s paid for.

Despite all these advantages, it is pertinent to note that you should only set up a home gym if you meet the following criteria.
       1. You are relatively in shape and have used gym equipment before
       2. You are self motivated to exercise everyday and would feel extremely uncomfortable if you didn’t exercise even for a day.
      3. You have a space where gym equipment can be mounted, either a garage, a spare room, somewhere private
Without meeting this criteria, the home gym equipment would just be another prop on the scene in which your life is played, another useless accessory which would end up in a yard sale or ebay , another piece of crap that would remind you of how you have wasted your money and achieved nothing in return.
Gym equipment are relatively expensive, especially when they have some hyped up celebrity endorsement mixed with marketing gimmicks. It is important however to be able to set up a  home gym equipment that would effectively work all muscle groups of your body without breaking your bank.
First before we start churning out names of gym equipment and what they are used for, it is also important to note that you can be your own gym according to Mark Lauren , the author of you are your own gym. Mark teaches how to  use absolutely  no gym equipment to get in shape.  After a little preamble on how to gain lean muscle , shed fat and boast metabolism, he dives into each muscle group exercises, with detailed explanation and pictorial references.
Who needs a barbell when you've got Mark?
You might also consider taking up yoga with Dean Pohlman, the Manflow Yoga, he is the author of Yoga Basics for men. He also runs Yoga Skype training and  has tons of serious Yoga routines  for men and women. In this case all, you would need is  a    yoga mat, in the comfort of your room with dean's sensual voice ripping your muscles to shreds.
This yoga is not for pussies, just look at his chest.
However if you are dead serious about setting up a cheap home gym, then  here is


Chances are when you want to start buying equipment , you have money for just one equipment. In this case you would need to buy one single gym  equipment that you can use to workout all your muscle groups. Always ensure you workout all muscle groups, that would ensure that you are proportional and you don’t suffer from back pain due to body misalignment.  Here is a pictorial representation of the muscle groups of the body.
This picture belongs to, it's just borrowed.

York 300 lb. 2" International Olympic SetOne single gym equipment to buy  to    kick start your cheap home gym set up is the International Olympic Set (US version weighted in Pounds) for  $489 or Bodymax 145kg Olympic Cast Barbell Kit (UK version weighted in kg) for $355.  Buying brand new is  usually advised for gym equipment but unless it is bent or had experienced a major defect, you might be able to get something cheaper on Craigslist, yard sales, or someone who had just realized he wasted his money buying a barbell because they were never going to use it.

 Now with this barbell you can work all your muscle groups as follows.

CHEST: Barbell Bench Press (you can use a low makeshift table)
TRICEPS: Floor Press


SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells (Dark Blue, 5-Pound, Set of 2)
This could pass more for sex toys than gym equipment
If $400 dollars is still way above your initial budget to set up a home gym and you missed out on all Craigslist listing of bar bell sets, then you can opt for dumb bells which start at $10 dollars. Dumb bells is  rightfully called because it would be dumb for anyone not to buy the barbell set instead. Alright, they are so called because when they originated,  the weights were from bells without clappers that couldn’t ring hence were called dumb. With a dumb  bell which you would have to keep buying as you get more comfortable with the weights, you can workout all muscle groups with these exercises.


Don’t buy into the workout resolution frenzy of buying a treadmill or a spin bicycle. Cardio training is one of the commonest forms of aerobic training and aerobic training causes muscle wasting which leads  to muscle loss and endurance over time except of cause, you want to  look like the Kenyan Olympic marathon runners.
These guys don't even have treadmills and they are not on a budget

Instead of treadmills get a skipping rope and skip in your home gym, do jumping jacks or follow this BeFit 90 days fitness video everyday with Samantha. If you want to run, sprints are much more effective than jogging, running as fast as your feet can carry you ,can’t be done on most treadmills


As the muscles, keep coming, the money keep coming and you start getting hornier, buy a suspension rope , you can use these videos to  know what to do with them.
How to become a Monkey

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer, Gray/Silver
Weight bench

Next on your list should be an adjustable weight bench, with leg developer, costing just about $160.   and to  top up your home gym equipment purchase, get yourself


.. A power rack that is well made can be used for pull ups and squats. A power rack towering over your home gym is the mark of home gym greatness and  good financial planning.
PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack
Okay this one sells for more than $300 and doesn't even come with the guy.
 Now lets arrange  in order of importance
1.       Olympic bar bell set $ 489
2.       Dumb bells / Kettlle bells $50
3.       Suspension ropes $50
4.       Adjustable bench $160
5.       Power rack  $300
To spice up your gym, you might want to buy good speakers to ease your workouts as music has been known to alleviate workout pain and help people find rhythm in their workouts. Posters of a completely ripped model might also serve as a good motivation. A yoga mat for stretches can also be later added in the mix as well as    foam rollers for self massage.

Finally one health equipment that you can indulge yourself with is the Fitbit HR watch or the more accurate Mio Fuse. It tracks exercises, heart rate, quality of sleep and some other health data that might be useful to a gym junkie.

Sometimes we do
Well your home gym is set up, then in a couple of months you should look like me this