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Sunday, 15 June 2014

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Foods that Cause Acne

Foods that cause Acne
foods that cause acneMost people plagued with Acne tend to use lots of acne fighting products, while some work perfectly, it seems the effect is usually for a little while until the acne comes back and becomes even worse then what it was initially. Apart from some of the manufacturers of these products making a product that promotes total dependence on the products, in some cases the return of acnes and pimples is usually due to the continued  exposure to the initial trigger.
There are a million things that trigger acne and pimples, such as dirt, hormones and skin conditions. A major cause of acne however is food. There are a ton of foods that cause acne. These foods that cause acne do so mainly because they cause an immediate increase in oil secretion (sebum) in the body and sometimes even hormonal imbalance. If you find yourself constantly battling with acne, it’s time to take a step and change your diet alongside other acne treatments..

What are the foods that cause acne? 


foods that cause acneFrench Fries ranks as the leader of the culprit as far as foods that cause acne are concerned. This is a good way of knowing which McDonald staff has been helping himself or herself to the left over French fries at the end of the day. Even though French fries can be very tasty especially when loaded with salt and other fat inducing seasonings, if you are suffering from a chronic case of acne, skip the fries! It is also pertinent to note that French fries in itself has nothing to do with the French. It is just that Americans always like name tagging everything, French Fries are actually Belgian. While a lot of people still argue that French fries and a lot of other greasy foods would not cause acne, as a person battling with acne, it is better safe than sorry. All greasy foods fall into this category, pizzas, pancakes, tacos, popcorns, processed foods, bagels, cheese, cheese burgers, bologna, bacon, oysters and shrimps. Laying off all these completely might be impossible, but controlling your intake might help combat acne.



foods that cause acne
Is dairy causing your acne?
Milk as well as other dairy products contain components related to the hormone testosterone that may stimulate oil glands in the skin, setting the stage for acne. If you’ve been battling with acne, it is advisable to cut out dairy products from your meal and see how that affects it. Dairy products have been long suggested to be among foods that cause acne. You can then go on to reduce your dairy products intake while sourcing for your protein and calcium from other food sources like chicken and broccoli respectively.

foods that cause acne3. OILS

Cooking oils like vegetable oils and even canola oil contain fatty acids that produce a lot of inflammation in the body which can show up on the skin.  To counter this, cook with coconut oil, olive oil and reduce buying fried foods from restaurants as they use the cheapest oil and reuse it over and over again. Eat salmon and mackerel and take fish oil supplements.